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Joe Karbo's Power of Money Management

$ 39.97

This ULTRA RARE LIMITED EDITION paperback is available again for the FIRST TIME IN OVER 40 YEARS!

Get Out of Debit In 90 Minutes Without Borrowing

Written by The Legendary Joe Karbo under the pen name "Joseph Carr."

This is the exact method Joe Karbo himself to going from from bordering on bankruptcy to becoming a multimillionaire.


In this book, Karbo shows you exactly how to:

Protect what's yours, pay what you can without stressing about collections and garnishments, and stop creditors from harassing you or pushing you around!

You can be free of debt worries.

Karbo even shares facts your lawyer may not know or be ethically unable to tell you!

Stripped of legal double talk, in less then an afternoon you’ll discover:

  • How to make yourself judgement and attachment proof!
  • How to force creditors to settle for a few cents on the dollar!
  • How to pay off debts on your terms & not the bill collectors!
  • How to avoid bankruptcy by preparing for it!
  • Why there some old debts you’d better not pay off or even acknowledge!
  • How the Government stands ready to protect you from tricky creditors!
  • Why not owing enough money can be worse than owing too much!
  • How and where to get free legal advice.
  • The case for and against bankruptcy
  • How “going bankrupt” can actually improve your credit rating!
  • What not to say on a credit application!
  • Which creditors to pay first. (The ones who are bullying you probably have the least chance of collecting!)

...These are just of the things your creditors don't want you to know!

This was one of Joe’s biggest sellers and even though it was written many years ago, the principles Joe teaches in this powerful little book are timeless!

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Ultra Rare Limited Paperback Edition. 82 pages,

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