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"CHOICE" E-book; Inspirational Quotes to Guide You Through Life Choices

"CHOICE" E-book; Inspirational Quotes to Guide You Through Life Choices

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"You are always one choice away

from changing your life."

Mary Blochowiak


I was inspired to create this book from an interview I saw on tv one day. It was with a prison inmate who said his whole life changed in one second by the choice he made. 

That's a dramatic example but it got me thinking. We are all faced with seemingly innocent choices daily, and are so busy getting through our day we don't realize the long term effect some of these choices can have. Think about it...a donut everyday or a banana every day. The results of that choice on your body are drastically different over time.

And then there are times in our lives when we are at a crossroads and must make an immediate life altering choice to make a change.

Ever been there?

Of course you have...we all have, so I created this book to provide inspiration to those that want to make the right choices but need some motivation to stay on the right track, or need inspiration at the crossroads.

Make the CHOICE today to buy the book and get motivated!


" The doors we open and close each day

decide the lives we live."

Flora Whittemore


PDF Ebook with 50 hand selected quotes

( Printed Hardcover is currently sold out - more to come in 2019)

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