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Voices Of Value Quote Book Series

Voices if Value Book Series


 Have you ever had a problem and tuned out advice from a friend, but then heard or read a quote that gave you the "AHA" moment you needed? Or had a favorite quote posted on your desk or refrigerator for 'in your face' inspiration? You're not alone.

Why are Quotes agelessly popular?

Because we all have times in our life when we get stuck and need insight from others to help us get unstuck...or we just want motivation to keep us on the right track.

And Quotes are mankind’s way of “snap-shotting ” the wisdom of the ages, from the minds of greats to everyday people with great insight.

The thing is I find it difficult to find inspiration in the traditional quote books that are filled with rows and rows of random quotes in tiny print. I get hypnotized and sleepy , not motivated.

That's why I chose to do this series of books by subject, with 50 hand selected  quotes laid out in an easy to read format with bright colors and a coffee table book design. Instead of searching through endless rows, you can reach for the book by subject as needed in your life, or give one as a gift to a loved one needing motivation, or in some cases...a good laugh, a healing cry or a printed hug.

So, Get a book from our Success Collection that speaks to you and will provide the motivation you need such as "ACTION" or "CHANGE".

And get one from our Life Collection - like "MOTHERS" that will make someone else happy and though I can't guarantee it - will probably make you the favorite.

This series was inspired by the best selling personal growth book; the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches by my late husband Richard, which has quotes on every page carefully chosen to reinforce the text of the book. While you're here, why don't you check it out too.